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"Vulpine" Loss Lifespan Vol. 9, Pure Slush, forthcoming
"Ghost Story" Kestrel, forthcoming
"August August" Two Hawks Quarterly Press, fall 2023
"Puis-je vous suggérer un lovely mango?" and "At the Doughnut Shop" forthcoming, Cave Wall
"Straight Up" Grim & Gilded, forthcoming September 22, 2022
"Taking Stock", Kestrel, Summer 2020, Issue 43
"A Point of Connection", WOW
"Virabhadrasana", Across the Social Distances
"Born and Alive to Each Other" & "Arson", Watershed Review
"The First Step" & "Hundreds of Unsung Hymns", Silk Road Review, May 2020
"Cascarilla, for Ea" & "Cascarilla, for Emily", Crooked Arrow Press

"Wabi-Sabi" & "Bone Dice", Please See Me
"none of theory", Orison Anthology Prize finalist, judged by Kaveh Akbar
"Of Her Own Kind", ellipsis. . . literature & art, volume 55 (print only)
"At the Segregated Zoo, The Zookeepers Decide Which Side to Assign the Mightly Lion", Jellybucket, 9th edition 
"Belay", The Poeming Pigeon Sports Edition 
"Ask & Embla", Fiolet & Wing; An Anthology of Domestic Fabulist Poetry
"I Want to Call This Poem a Bowl of Froot Loops," emry's journal online
"Jellyfish", West Texas Literary Review
"As Above, So Below" & "esperar", Firefly Magazine
"Choke", SWWIM Every Day, April 5, 2018
"Kuebiko", Clockhouse
"Words for Levitation", Psaltery & Lyre
Nominated for a PUSHCART PRIZE
"Reciprocation", Ruminate Magazine, Finalist, Janet B. McCabe Poetry Prize,
Judged by Dan Beachy-Quick
 “After Tomaz Salamun’s ‘I Have a Horse’", The Tishman Review
"Ars Poëtica", Glass Mountain Volume 19 Robertson Prize runner-up

"Fairy Tales 101:  The Rules", Kind of a Hurricane Press' Twice Upon a Time as well as its 2015 Best of anthology, Storm Cycle. Nominated for a PUSHCART PRIZE


"Iceland", The Bookends Review 


"Ancestry", Celtic Family Magazine 

"Instructions for Forgetting Her" and "Thief, I Know Your Name.", Bear the Pall; Stories & Poems about the Loss of a Parent

"Spy", All We Can Hold; a collection of poetry on motherhood including poems by Sherman Alexie, Chanel Brenner, Beth-Ann Fennelly, Rachel Zucker, and fellow former Minervas.  A sample:  

Young son, the world is not enough for you.

Choose Atlas.  Choose Henley’s Invictus. Choose master, captain 

of your soul.  Choose kind and true and wisely.  

Choose Not content to watch but to discover. 

Spy inside my house:  Live your cover.

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