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Come in, fools, Gods and monsters, too.

This house’s door’s left open for you.

Keep Out hopelessness, Judgment’s on restriction;

But You are invited. Bring your courage of conviction.


These rooms are lit, bright shining from within

us. Shadows quite welcome, close in kin to us.

Ride your bike over, drop in

anytime. Hang your prayers out to dry

on the line. Hardships, questions, here are fine.


Mourning, rejoicing, everything goes.

Make friends with the Spirits, take a walk in their clothes. 

What is good and fitting compensates for the heart. 

Take joy and gladness; from darkness, rebirth.


We’re fasting and feasting and singing and festing 

and longing and lasting and trying our besting.

Come in, come in, to this House of Mirth.

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