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My Professional Services

"Find out what makes you kinder, what opens you up and brings out the most loving, generous, and unafraid version of you, and go after those things as if nothing else matters." George Saunders

"Don't disturb the glow." Denise Levertov

Ministerial Services

As an ordained minister, I can perform your special wedding, officiate a renaming ceremony and help guide you on your spiritual path. All inquiries welcome.

Weddings                    $300

Renaming                    $200

Home Blessings.        $150

"Write Ōm" Workshops

You can bring a "Write Om: Yoga for Creative Types" to your retreat, staff training, seminar, bookshop, studio or gathering* for $28 per participant per hour. The workshop typically lasts for two hours. 

(Yes! I have done all of these venues -- at a horse ranch, karate studio, and university! Let me come to you!)

Private Yoga and Yoga for Trauma Support

Need a little extra boost or hands-on assist? Someone to help you cultivate a personalized yoga practice that speaks to your individual needs and goals? For as many or as few sessions you like, I can help you find that yummy yog-aaaahh feeling you've been seeking. 

Personal Yoga Session $28-60 per hr

Yoga for Trauma Support is a deeply personal experience. Classes are provided on a sliding scale basis. Full attention is given to the nature of the trauma and the type of healing an individual may need or want. 

"People start to heal the moment they feel heard." -Cheryl Richardson

Reiki I

As a novice on the path to eventual Reiki Master, I offer Reiki I at no charge. After our session, you are most welcome to make a donation to your own impassioned cause in honor of multiplying the blessed energy that Reiki healing provides.

Book Development & Editorial Services

Book Development 

Now available! Work with me to create, organize, assemble, edit and ACHIEVE your book. We will meet weekly (or at your preferred pace) to discuss your progress and generate material. I provide post-meeting edits; assignment generation; timeline and goal setting;supplementary materials and encouragement all along the way.

Zoom one-on-one    $50 per hour

Additional edits        $28 per hour

Poetry Editorial Services are available through Wide Open Writing. 

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra, the yoga of sleep, is an ancient meditative practice that takes you into a semi-conscious state where you can assimilate relaxation of body, mind and spirit without interrupting your body's natural sleep cycles. Yoga Nidra facilitates better nighttime sleep, increases concentration and focus, and provides "adult naptime," a break some of us need to recalibrate our full very full lives.

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