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Current Projects

Write Here, Write Now, Write On

Every writer has a process.  Mine involves the right amount of coffee, frankincense, and friendly voices in my head; the sun and stars above and my chakras in alignment, laundry tumbling in the dryer; sometimes, a pair of scissors and a glue stick and a couple of old poetry magazines and always, music.  Though I occasionally write a singular poem or an essay here and there, I most often find myself enamored with a recurring theme and once it's taken hold, the words weave and lap over and around themselves, fusing and flushing out and forming of themselves one whole collection, all of a piece.  Each short book-length parcel of poems could be called a "chapbook", from "cheap book" though there ain't nothin' cheap about it.  The writing takes its toll in soul equity, lost sleep and short-lived obsessions.              To date, chapbook topics include but are not limited to:  Alex Honnold and the sport of rock climbing; life and love in the Czech Republic; pain and its anion; God and holiness and prayer; and my most current passion project: "Our Bodies Were Universes", a venn diagram of a book that explores the intersectionality between my life and profiles of the lives of the women at the county Emergency Shelter where I teach yoga.  Click on a green title to see a sample of poems included in each chapbook.   If you are an editor and would like to read a longer excerpt or an entire proposal of any of these pieces, please contact me here.  
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