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I and Love and Harry

Walk across the world at dusk.

Find one called Hope and place your trust.

Sometimes, we fear, this life’s unjust.

Sometimes all doubts combust.

One child in and one child back

And it’s enough to live like that.

So I hold tight to wand and hat.

No one can wrest them now.

Oh Hogsmeade, Hogsmeade, take me in,

Are you aware my struggling?

The train departs King’s Cross Station,

and we have little time.

When at first you learned to cast,

you had so much you had to ask—

What isn’t Real? Whose name is Truth?

What if they’re both the same?

Yeah, we are all the Same.

That woman she had eyes so full

Like a great majestic spirit Owl.

She promised if we lost, we’d gain.

We made it to the train.

Oh Hogsmeade, Hogsmeade, take me in.

Are you aware my struggling?

My feet are tired, my spell yet spins.

Oh Hogsmeade, Hogsmeade, take me in.

Three words I am now proud to say:

I and love and you

I’ve become what you’ve always been:

A lot of magic, some of pain.

Oh Hagrid, Hogwarts, take me in

Are you aware how charged the win?

My heart it bursts, the lines they blur

Oh Harry, Harry, take me in.

Luna, Hopegirl, take me in

No one more surprised than I

That you could change the course I fly

Ron, Hermione take me in.

Imagine magic here and now.

Believe believing teaches how.

Hope leads us down the tracks somehow

Hope changes you for good.

Three words I became moved to say:

I and love and Harry.

I and love and Harry.

I and love and Harry.


Thanks, Scott and Seth Avett, for your song "I and Love and You" and thanks J.K. Rowling for opening my eyes again to the possibility of magic in the world. Sara and Maya, I can't imagine spending those days in Hogsmeade with anybody but you two. What perfect companions! What mischief! What a long bus ride to dinner! I honestly think the best part was Hope Restored. All hail, HopeGirl, who believed in us all along. We believed in ourselves and each other, and that made all the difference.

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