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I wrote this poem on the morning of President Biden and Vice President Harris' inaugurations. The "YOU" can be you. It can be anyone you choose it to be. For me, it is our country -- the precious youth of Amanda Gorman, the soul of our oldest Commander-in-Chief. It is as venerable as hope itself. As new as dawn.

I hope you wept when Kamala took her oath. I hope you stood and sang with Lady Gaga and JLo and Garth with your hands over your hearts. I hope you bowed your head and shouted Amen! and pumped your fist and texted your friends and wrote the poems of your life. #historyhasitseyesonus


Write the poem of your life and lead your days

into it.

Line by line


by break

Each sip of water another punctuation mark

in the long excursion from first formation to pen-

ultimate breath.

Write the poem.

Paint the art, invent the story, smooth the sleep

from your bed and shake the world

from your weary bones. Your eyes

have witnessed what despair your thought

could not contain, but your heart took it in.

Your watch has timed the rising of the bread;

a warm touch tells you it is true.

Take hold, hard, the hand of the woman behind you

and lift her higher. Together, fly

the white flag at the top

of the mountain. Tie a noose

to your old notions, to the notion you are old,

and hurl it off the other side.

As the rope uncoils in your grasp,

if you stagger a bit,

if you fall down,

that's okay. You are old.

You are as new as eggs. As young as the robin says you are.

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